The Writer’s Retreat

Photo by Xlibber.
Photo by Xlibber.

Every winter it seems necessary to brace myself because I know the writing is coming. The recent cold season saw a period of solitary hibernation from most things apart from typing. As a quick update I can say that a full-length novel and another short novella have been completed and are with readers at the moment. Fingers crossed they will find homes this year. The long, dark days do seem to be the most productive and also saw a number of other projects started including an epic novel, another novella and something else that is a bit different but is proving to be an extremely fun thing to do.

Since spring seems to have finally sprung I decided to step out of the writing room, get out of the house and try something new.  This week I started attending a writing group. Having never participated in anything like that before it was a little nerve-wracking. However, everyone was great and really welcoming. It will be interesting to get/give feedback on the projects and discuss the craft in upcoming meetings. Writing can be a lonely business so it has been a great learning experience to meet up with peers in that way.

The clickety-clack sound of typing will continue to come from the den but stay tuned for a lot more posts over the spring and summer. I’m particularly excited about a new “Literary Locations” series that will be coming up just in time for those planning their travels.

Thanks for dropping by!

C.S. Kane



A Room with a View

October is upon us at last! There is a tangible nip in the air and a bite to the night. With multiple projects happening and a beautiful view from my writing room things are fairly rattling on here in Briar House. This is the best time of year. Amber and russet leaves falling to create a veritable rustling carpet underfoot. The winds are howling like ghastly ghouls screeching through the rooms. Time to enjoy the autumn and revel in the most wonderful time of year.


Childhood Memories

It seems to me that there is a resurgence happening in dark and twisted tales for children. This really is a good thing. Having grown up with chilling tales and scary songs for lullabies I quickly established that, in this cruel world, there are things one should be afraid of. Initially I loved to be told old stories, of various origins, from the twisted cautionary celtic legends to the horrific evocation of Baba Yaga. My mother and grandfather delighted in “putting the frighteners” on all the children in the family. I devoured the dark imagery in the offerings of the Grimm brothers. Poe became a fascination as a young teen.

These are the narratives that warn us, form us and educate us on the passions and emotions that fear can bring. Indulge children with them so that they learn there is darkness in the world and to be aware.

I am always alert to the horrors of this world thanks to the songs my mother sang:

Weile, Weile, Waila

A struggle…

Apparently some people find the art of writing simple. For me it is a labour of love. A war waged with the white of the paper and I am armed only with a simple writing implement and pure determination. Ideas multiple and many come to me during the day and night. These inspirations can be both a blessing and a curse. Fuel to force me on and distractions from my current path.

Yet to have the passion to keep forging the words into something mailable, something real…that is the mission that keeps me going. It will be a battle to the death and a love affair for an eternity.


A glint in the eye can hold so many meanings. It can signify passion, desire, confidence or evil intent. The subject in the photograph no doubt had thoughts stalking through the crevasses of their mind at the point this image was shot. Feel free to speculate…