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Hi all,

Writing DenAs you can see the website has been rejigged and rebooted. To be honest I have been on quite the hiatus in terms of writing for a number of reasons. No point in boring you with all the not-so-gory details. There has, of course, been a constant itch in the back of the brain and so I decided to revamp the site and revise my outlook on the writing process.

I will be undertaking works of fiction at a pace suited to my current stamina and I will also be blogging about any interesting snippets of horror news I come across. These short posts will keep me motivated and allow me to write more regularly. The visual media posts will also create some inspiration as well as being a fun hobby. It is time to start curating all the photos taken over the years! Having never felt a victim of ‘writer’s block’ I’ve certainly stumbled upon the ‘hesitancy-struck-holding-back-total-lack-of-confidence-block’ and now it’s time to kick through it like Daryl Dixon coming through a barn door.


On this dark Halloween night I’ve scored a couple of interesting reads so I will be checking back with some thoughts on them. I’ve heard good reports about The Little Stranger and The Loney just looks spooky! I’ll also be resurrecting Literary Locations. I’d like to hear from you guys too so if you have visited some cool and creepy place linked to dark literature drop me a line and I’ll feature it on the site.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll have a look around the new digs.



More Reviews for SHATTERED:

“This was creepy and scary, and I found myself totally unable to put it down.” 5 STAR  – Wistfulskimmies Book Reviews

“If this is the work under a novella…what would a full length novel treat us to?” 4 STAR – A Book and A Review

“Spooky! I especially enjoyed the fine interplay of historical past and present, and the villain’s implacability.” 5 STAR – Goodreads Reviewer



Hello 2014!

Hi guys, it seems another year is over and a new one has just about begun. 2013 saw the debut novella SHATTERED released and it has been a real privilege to know that folks out there have been buying it. I also really appreciate the time taken by some to post reviews on sites such as Goodreads and Amazon amongst others. I personally think that these reviews are really vital for a writer. Feedback is so important in any walk of life.

So is growth. I am working hard on studying the craft at the moment. Ever conscious that I am just starting out I’m determined to develop as a writer this year and the positive responses I’ve had regarding the novella have proved powerful motivation. I’m moving into researching the technical side of the craft more fully having never studied creative writing in any form before. The goal is to write longer works and sustain the start I’ve made.

I’ve started to fill the diary up with interesting literary festivals, upcoming conventions and writing workshops I’d like to attend. This year is going to be proactive and hopefully I’ll be able to pick up the pace and produce more publishable work. Currently there are a few projects on the go. A full length novel, another two novellas and more. Here’s hoping they all find a home so you guys can witness the horror within the words. Please keep touching base with website for updates and I’m on Facebook and Twitter regularly.


Nothing else to say except look out 2014 I’m coming to get you!!!





Thanks again,

C.S. Kane

Advance Reviews

“In a genre that often relies on shock value to create terror, Kane shows that it is possible to draw on the darkness of the reader’s mind to create terror rather than throw gratuitous violence and gore on the page to manufacture terror […] In the hands of a lesser author, it would be easy for a story like “Shattered” to become unfocused and lose its edge. Kane shows deftness in handling the story as well as a deep understanding of what horror is all about and is able to shape the story into one that is sure to resonate with the reader.” – Examiner

“Shattered by C.S. Kane is one of those dark and sinister reads that are perfect to read on a dark and stormy night for those of us who love to occasionally delve into a haunting read that toys with the mind. The author sets a bleak stage, both physically and emotionally and unrolls the action from there, creating just the right amount of frenzy and fear!” – Tome Tender

And so it begins…

Another year over and another just begun. The festivities have passed and I am now sitting in a dark, grey room with my new found minion…Dexter. He is rabidly chewing through a bone only pausing now and then to growl at the wind howling from the open fireplace. I have acquired a companion for the long lonely days and I am starting (albeit slowly) to get used to it.I am as previously mentioned a creature of habit, used to the calm silence of my drafty home and now I am typing to the backdrop of my frenzied fiend of a friend mauling his prey.