Exhaustion as a Motivator

My body is screaming for rest and  my lazy eye, my curious tic, is misbehaving badly. Still a productive day all-in -all. My writing completed despite my cramping, cold fingers. Submissions sent and I am anticipating what the mail box bring over the incoming months. Now, let’s see if I can unfurl my legs and crawl the tall stairs to rest in peace. Goodnight.

Incubus Attack

Another night, another nightmare. Waking sweating, tense and tight. Screaming into the darkness. The details gone, lost in a fog of fear and terror yet the feeling remained. A dark presence hanging over my bed torturing me, taunting me. I lay back down and stared at the ceiling. My body yearned to resume its rest, yet my mind maintained the dread. So it was I lay and waited for my dreams to take me and I hoped in earnest that they would not haunt and horrify me.

This Week’s Inspiration

This week autumn has stimulated me more than anything else. There is a definite chill in the air. The rooms in my home look that much paler. I walked down the road dressed in a heavy coat . I noticed the turn in the trees. Copper leaves rippled overhead. I could smell the smoke from the first fires of the season. I lit one myself and felt the warmth of it emanating from the belly of my home. This is an emotive time of year and as it plunges deeper into the dark winter I know that I will grow more and more excited.

Lists, Lists, Lists

There are two types of creatures on this earth those that make lists and those that don’t. I am a persistent, compulsive and creative list maker. When I say persistent, I mean that my fingers claw for a pen every few hours to write another list. Whatever the task is that I need to complete, I MUST write a list before starting. This is my never-ending compulsion. Finally, when I say that I am creative at writing lists I mean that I write them with and on whatever is to hand. The back of a medical appointment letter or the front of a cereal packet it doesn’t matter. Now I have the joy of being able to compile lists on my blog. Lists regarding books, films and TV shows have given me edification today. More will follow and if like me you also enjoy lists please feel free to indulge and add your own comments to the site.