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    Darkly Dreaming Disneyland

    untitled-design-3Disney isn’t all candy colours and cute cartoons. There is a definite and well documented darkness that bursts into life around Halloween. Having been lucky enough to visit during the spooky season I can say first hand that the atmosphere is fantastic. There is so much to look at from the spectacular stage shows full of contemptible villains to the parades and oversized pumpkins.

    Here is a list of rides  (in reverse order) that might interest those of a fright-loving persuasion.

    5. Ratatouille:

    This ride doesn’t have an obvious spooky theme but there is an exciting level of threat throughout as you sit in a little mouse car. Smaller kids can enjoy it too as it is a screen based attraction. Dodge knives and mallets in 3D format as you run a culinary rat race.

    4. La Tanière du Dragon:

    There is a certain secret beneath Sleeping Beauty’s castle. If you look hard enough you can find a cave within which something very scary sleeps. Go quietly or risk waking a very fiery monster.

    3. Pirates of the Caribbean:

    Board the boat to sweep through the sailors life…or should I say death. With sinking ships, skeleton pirates and small but smooth, fun dips this is fun for the whole family.

    2. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror:

    One for the big kids! The Hollywood Tower Hotel was mysteriously closed in 1939 after a strange incident. Enter the 5th dimension if you dare but beware sometimes the elevators can spontaneously freefall. Only for those prepared to take the plunge.

    1. Phantom Manor:

    High on Boot Hill stands the ominous Phantom Manor, a beautifully dilapidated mansion that holds a dark and sinister history. Discover the story of a Western settler, his beautiful daughter and her cursed fiancé. With a distinctly European spin this attraction is my favourite. The familiar stretching portraits hang on the wall, the fortune teller is there and of course the Doom Buggies carry you along but the malevolence of the Phantom is very apparent and quite unique to this park.

    It must be stated that the cast members are amazing but if you do go planning is essential. If you have Magic Hours use them. There are plenty of tip videos on YouTube. Finally, if you can get your hands on a toffee apple go for it!

    Farewell for now fiends,