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    Back to Black

    Hi all,

    Writing DenAs you can see the website has been rejigged and rebooted. To be honest I have been on quite the hiatus in terms of writing for a number of reasons. No point in boring you with all the not-so-gory details. There has, of course, been a constant itch in the back of the brain and so I decided to revamp the site and revise my outlook on the writing process.

    I will be undertaking works of fiction at a pace suited to my current stamina and I will also be blogging about any interesting snippets of horror news I come across. These short posts will keep me motivated and allow me to write more regularly. The visual media posts will also create some inspiration as well as being a fun hobby. It is time to start curating all the photos taken over the years! Having never felt a victim of ‘writer’s block’ I’ve certainly stumbled upon the ‘hesitancy-struck-holding-back-total-lack-of-confidence-block’ and now it’s time to kick through it like Daryl Dixon coming through a barn door.


    On this dark Halloween night I’ve scored a couple of interesting reads so I will be checking back with some thoughts on them. I’ve heard good reports about The Little Stranger and The Loney just looks spooky! I’ll also be resurrecting Literary Locations. I’d like to hear from you guys too so if you have visited some cool and creepy place linked to dark literature drop me a line and I’ll feature it on the site.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll have a look around the new digs.