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    A Weekend with Colin Bateman


    I have never participated in any kind of creative writing course. Even at university I had always veered towards critical analysis of the classics rather than learning the tools and techniques needed for writing fiction. Strangely the thought of studying the actual procedure involved in both writing and the publishing process was something that made me feel pretty nervous. However, during a snowy weekend in January I set those anxieties aside and headed to a hotel in Bangor to attend Colin Bateman’s Best Seller event.

    It was a fantastic and productive weekend. The ambience was warm and inviting. Colin’s relaxed demeanour made me feel at ease and he conducted the class in a personal way. He illustrated the key factors involved in getting into gear with writing through colourful anecdotes and accounts of his own experiences. Colin’s advice was clear, concise and practical and just the jump start that many aspiring authors could do with. The main point I took away was mainly just to get on with getting the words on the page. I also discovered that the process of submitting to publishers doesn’t have to be scary if you are organised. Special speakers including literary agent Paul Feldstein and author Stephen Walker further highlighted that being a professional writer is an achievable aspiration.
    The course really was a very positive experience. I came away feeling extremely motivated to turn more of my ideas into full blown manuscripts. I also feel equipped to break each part of the process down and work confident in the fact that through effort, focus and action I can attain the goals I set for myself. I am also really chuffed I got to talk with the author of Divorcing Jack, The Mystery Man series and Murphy’s Law to name but a few. Now, back to work!