November Update

So, October has been and gone. Halloween was quite sad this year. Normally it is my favourite time to celebrate, yet All Souls’ Day was intense with memories of those lost ever too close. I am scared this is a condition of getting older.┬áThe nights are drawing in so fast now and I am hoping to press on with multiple projects. With an edgy but keen eye I’m starting to look to 2013 with a sense of hope.

Through developing and reaching out in terms of my online base I have connected with so many great people. From publishers to bloggers to other horror fans – like myself. I would welcome anyone to drop me a line through the blog or on Twitter or Facebook. It is fantastic to have a common passion with great people and this is something I am set to build on. Also, thank-you for taking the time to catch up here.

So, with stories seeping from my mind, through the tips of my fingers and onto the pure white pages I hope to continue to share my corruptions with you.

Later Fiends,