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    Paris in January. Such a lovely city and the perfect time of year to visit. The throngs of tourists aren’t bustling around and you are free to enjoy the eerie beauty of the capital in peace. From the well known sights to the secrets buried under the winding streets this place bursts with amazing, sometimes frightening features. Here are some of the places that have enchanted and inspired me during previous visits:

    Eiffel Tower.

    Seen sometimes as a simple symbol of the city that is found on keychains, mugs, caps and tee-shirts this structure is a place I visit every time I go to Paris. I don’t necessarily climb every time but I go to gaze at the amazing feat of engineering. Constructed to commemorate the centenerary of one of the bloodiest periods in European history, the French Revolution. A mountaineer scaled it, two men have parachuted from it and many scientific experiments were conducted at it. It is a marvel.


    The Gargoyles of Notre-Dame.

    Another favourite place to visit is the rooftop of Notre-Dame Cathedral. Inspiration for the fantastic novel by Victor Hugo and residence of some particularly gruesome yet harmless gargoyles. This one is my particular favourite:


    Underground Paris.

    Paris has many amazing features hidden below the old streets. From the interesting Metro tunnels and stops to the chilling catacombs. Descend to discover the darkest parts of Paris.


    Other places of Interest.

    There are so many amazing places to see in this city. If you go please visit Shakespeare & Co. to pick up a book. The Sacré Coeur and The Madeleine Church are epic and evocative of the past. The Montmatre area is a must for those selling to channel the artistic side and the museums particularly Musée D’Orsay are well worth visiting.