Childhood Memories

It seems to me that there is a resurgence happening in dark and twisted tales for children. This really is a good thing. Having grown up with chilling tales and scary songs for lullabies I quickly established that, in this cruel world, there are things one should be afraid of. Initially I loved to be told old stories, of various origins, from the twisted cautionary celtic legends to the horrific evocation of Baba Yaga. My mother and grandfather delighted in “putting the frighteners” on all the children in the family. I devoured the dark imagery in the offerings of the Grimm brothers. Poe became a fascination as a young teen.

These are the narratives that warn us, form us and educate us on the passions and emotions that fear can bring. Indulge children with them so that they learn there is darkness in the world and to be aware.

I am always alert to the horrors of this world thanks to the songs my mother sang:

Weile, Weile, Waila