After a period of absence, which I apologise profusely for, I have returned to my nook. It appears that the scariest thing of all is ones own fragility. The body is in some aspects nothing more than a sack of easily destructible rotting parts. However, it is also something exceedingly complex by which devastating chemical reactions can cause agonising instances of torture for the individual trapped within.

The problem arises when the sheer terror of the physical manifestations of illness attacks ones mental ability to concentrate fully on any given task.

The trick, in my mind, is to keep on going.

Despite my recent incarceration in the dungeon of maddening illness (features of which include needles, bruises, spasms and cranium splitting pain) I have managed to chip away at my writing. In all honesty recent times have seen my enthusiasm outweighing my physical and mental ability but it is the passion for the craft that will always win out.

I hope you can bear with me until the end.